The 5th Annual Auckland Cannabis Cup

AUCKLAND’s CANNA cup moved to a new location this year – a surprisingly lush and completely hidden inner city oasis with a dancefloor, waterfalls, mirror balls, and ganja galore – located downwind from the cop shop.

One hundred carefully selected judges had their work cut out evaluating the 14 entries. Points were awarded for looks, smell, taste and effect. Many agreed the outdoor entries were particularly good this year. Not only was the defending 3x indoor champ Te Kakariki back as an outdoor (grown in a grey lynn backyard), there were eight other kick-ass strains, including the defending champ Coronaki Afi.

In a close battle Te Kakariki eventually came out the winner – taking home a cup 4 years in a row! And in a nice twist, the indoor cup was taken out by the boys from Te Rohe Potae, who had previously tried to win the outdoor cup. This year they submitted an indoor AK47 and went home the winner. Nice!

Official Results
1st: AK47 from Te Rohe Potae
2nd: Mother’s Finest by F.A.B.
3rd: Bang! by Liberty
1st: Te Kakariki by Maori Wowie
2nd: Turtle by Hempy boy
3rd: Mountain Rhino by Ganja Guru

(NORML News Spring 2008)