2005 Cannabis Cup

One hundred canna-connoisseurs gathered on board the Te Aroha on Auckland’s Waitamata Harbour for “Smoke on the Water”, the second annual Cannabis Cup. This year we awarded two beautiful colour glass cups for indoor and outdoor growers, with points for appearance, smell, flavour and effect. The results were:
Indoor Cup
1. Te Kakariki (left) “ichy nose but worth it!”
2. AK47 by Pac “smell and taste supreme!”
3. Majestic by The Hills “delicious”
4. Devastar by Kiweed “tried it too
many times and knocked me out”
5. Opal by Leo “pungent lemon
6. Uno “irie ruderalis?”
Outdoor Cup
1. Kaipara Killer (right) “well impressed”
2. Silver Pearl by Da Boys “clear
serene high”
3. Whau Weed “back in the day”
4= Oromaeroa – a Rhino cross “tasty”
4= KC TRP “strong”
6. Westside Creeper “wooh! awesome hit!”
7. Kaanihi from the Urewera’s “choice”

(Norml News Winter 2005)