Hi, I am an independent Expert Witness for cannabis charges, President of NORML New Zealand Inc, manager of The Hempstore, occasional web and print designer, and candidate for the Waitakere Licensing Trust in the 2016 local body elections.

I’m running for the Waitakere Licensing Trust – here’s why:

Chris Fowlie WLT - Corflute Landscape 6 Cannabis Is SaferCannabis is safer than alcohol, so let’s treat it that way.

The Trusts already control the availability of alcohol, and funnel profits into local community groups and projects. The Trusts should do the same with cannabis – obtain a license to cultivate cannabis for research and medical purposes, and trial Cannabis Social Clubs where adults could safely obtain cannabis for their own use.

Licences for this are permitted under the current law. Instead of funding organised crime, any profits from the Cannabis Clubs could fund community groups, including drug and alcohol treatment.

Colorado now collects more tax revenue from cannabis than from alcohol. This is used to fund local schools, police, substance abuse programs, scholarships, and homeless shelters. Since making cannabis legal in Colorado, there is less teenage cannabis use, fewer road deaths, fewer suicides, less abuse of prescription meds, crime is down, and the economy is booming.

Chris Fowlie WLT - Corflute 300x600 Medical Cannabis ClubsGiven the complete failure of attempts to prohibit cannabis here, I believe we should at least try other approaches. West Auckland could be the launch pad for a new approach to drug control that minimises harm and puts any profits back into the local community.

I grew up out West and have been actively involved in drug harm reduction and law reform for over twenty years, including as President of NORML New Zealand Inc. If you support cannabis law reform, please consider voting for me.

Read my post at The Daily Blog – Waitakere Licensing Trust could regulate cannabis like alcohol

For more info visit norml.org.nz

Make sure you are enrolled to vote in the Auckland Council elections, and please post your vote for me by October 8th!

Cannabis Expert Witness

If your case involves a serious cannabis offence, you may need an independent expert witness. I have closely studied the cannabis plant and it’s associated culture since 1992. I have given evidence in the District and High Courts on matters relating the identification of cannabis, evidence-based estimates of crop yield, potency, sophistication of the operation, cultivation techniques, supply vs personal use, and current market values.

I have read and comply with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses. Although I predominantly work for defence lawyers, I am not precluded from working for either side, and my primary responsibility is to assist the court.

Read my Expert Witness Biography here, and have your lawyer contact me.

Cannabis law reform and advocacy

As president of NORML New Zealand Inc, New Zealand’s longest running cannabis reform group, and proprietor of The Hempstore, New Zealand’s only hemp retail outlet, I am regularly interviewed by the media on matters to do with cannabis and other drugs, and have appeared on all New Zealand television networks, 60 Minutes, 20/20, the BBC and more. My articles and opinion pieces have been published in the New Zealand Herald, the Dominion Post, Craccum, Norml News, Cannabis Culture, and Matters of Substance. Find out more about cannabis law reform here.

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