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If your case involves a serious cannabis offence, you may need an independent expert witness to:

  • review evidence and briefs, including technical data and indicate points of interest for legal counsel;
  • provide independent evidence-based assessments of potential crop yields and values;
  • provide to the court information on the use of cannabis and estimates of how much cannabis a person might reasonably consume over a period of time.

I have closely studied the cannabis plant and it’s associated culture since 1992. I have given evidence in the District and High Courts on matters relating the identification of cannabis, evidence-based estimates of crop yield, potency, sophistication of the operation, cultivation techniques, supply vs personal use, and current market values.

I have read and comply with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses. Although I predominantly work for defence lawyers, I am not precluded from working for either side, and my primary responsibility is to assist the court.

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I am regularly interviewed by the media on matters to do with cannabis and other drugs, and have appeared on all New Zealand television networks, 60 Minutes, 20/20, the BBC and more. My articles and opinion pieces have been published in the New Zealand Herald, the Dominion Post, Craccum, Norml News, Cannabis Culture, and Matters of Substance.

I’m fortunate enough to regularly travel the world researching the latest trends in cannabis use and cultivation. This lets me keep up with the latest research and trends so I can better assist New Zealand courts.

In 2013 I visited California and Colorado to witness the development of regulations for the world’s first legal cannabis market, tour grow gardens and dispensaries as part of the World Cannabis Week tour, sit a cannabis cultivation course approved by the state Department of Education, attend the first Cannabis Cup on US soil, and in the process I became the world’s first legal pot tourist.

In 2010 I traveled to Spain, Germany, Morocco and India.

In 2008 I attended the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and traveled through Asia:

I visited the Mardi Grass in Nimbin, Australia, and was a guest judge in their cannabis cup in 2006.

In 2002 I toured the cannabis law reform hot-spots of the world, a result of being busted for a tiny spec of weed. In June of 2001 I had been searched unlawfully by a group of police officers who claimed to smell cannabis. I was arrested and charged with possession of 0.7 grams of cannabis, but I contested the charge in court. In dismissing the charge, Judge Gittos set a precedent that will protect other people from being searched in similar circumstances. The Dominion, arguably at the time the most anti-cannabis newspaper in the country, wrongly published that I had been jailed. I settled for enough money to take me around the world to research alternatives to cannabis prohibition. Ironic, huh. My first stop would be the NORML conference in San Francisco.

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